The most beautiful in the land
01 Dec 2013

Christopher Hume says Canada’s architectural beauty queens stand out for very different reasons

… 5. The Deanery at St. James Cathedral [formal name: St. James Cathedral Centre]
When it opened last year, this breath-taking glass pavilion quietly brought Toronto’s magnificent 19th-century cathedral into the 21st century. Designed by Peter Clewes, an architect best known for his condo towers, the exquisite addition occupies space west of the church, south of the Parish Hall. Though easy to miss, the three-storey modernist jewel is hard to forget. Its architectural behaviour is excellent, as are its civic manners. A marvel of simplicity and crystalline beauty, it offers a refreshing contemporary response to the cathedral. And although Clewes’ modernism and the Cathedral’s Gothic revivalism couldn’t be more at odds, the one complements the other effortlessly.