Located on the corner of Bloor and St. George Streets, the Woodsworth residence extended the University of Toronto's tradition of courtyards while creating a northern gateway into the St. George campus. A four-storey podium reflects the scale and texture of adjacent buildings, and wraps around a courtyard that connects to Woodsworth College; above grade, a slender 17-storey tower clad in clear and fritted glass marks the entry to the campus. 361 students are housed in four- and six-bedroom suites, each with a corner living/dining room with a spectacular view of the surrounding city.

Student lounges and club rooms located on the ground floor create a sense of community. These rooms are single-loaded on a corridor that faces directly onto the courtyard, blurring the distinction between indoor and outdoor communal space. A 220-seat classroom and lecture hall complex below grade is organized along a hallway lit by a large skylight in the courtyard.

Woodsworth Student Residence and Classroom Complex