The design concept for Neyayesh was inspired by the ancient Persian culture, and by the topography of the site near the foothills of the Alborz Mountains. The shaped slab of the building nestles into a long, curved site facing south toward the City. Hotel suites and apartments face east and south, the capless curtain wall system allowing unimpeded, panoramic views of the city and surrounding hills. A copper sheath dropped over the building skin is pierced in an elaborate pattern that references traditional Persian architecture, carpet knotting, and the ‘Script of Nails’ calligraphy of ancient Persia.

On the western façade, perforated vertical louvres set at varying angles from the screen, serve to reduce passive heat gain while allowing diffused natural lighting to filter into hotel and apartment corridors. Guests and residents access the hotel and residences via a relatively modest entrance that lets out onto a courtyard threaded with water features, echoing the traditional domestic architecture of the region.

Neyayesh Hotel and Residences