The design of this project was strongly influenced by its location, an environmentally sensitive site between the Mississippi River and the Minneapolis Metropolitan airport. The two 17-storey towers were sited to maximize views of the river and landscape, without disrupting the view of occupants in adjacent commercial buildings. Due to the proximity of the airport, the buildings are wrapped in an acoustically efficient glass curtain wall system. As a result, residents have floor-to-ceiling views of the Hyland Lake Park and 3 Rivers Park District, and a slightly surreal effect is created – nearly invisible buildings that seamlessly reflect the sky and surrounding landscape.

Reflections is the first residential project in the proposed intensification of Bloomington Central Station, an industrial precinct outside Minneapolis-St. Paul. However, a new LRT system that runs past the building means that residents are not dependent on cars to commute into the city.

Reflections at Bloomington Central Station