The “Cocoon” pavilion was commissioned for the Monogram Dinner by Design charity event benefitting Casey House AIDS Hospice and held at the Design Exchange, Canada’s Design Museum. When we gather to eat, we celebrate community and remember absent friends. “Cocoon” expresses this intimate connection, transforming vertical blinds, LED fixtures and a white parson’s table and benches into an intimate communal space.

The pavilion is an equalizer, gathering visitors together knee-to-knee, shoulder-to-shoulder, to shelter within its enveloping embrace. The week before the DXD event the world lost David Bowie, whose persona transcended gender and whose body of work spanned music, art, fashion and design. A globular space helmet rests on the table, spilling forth a rainbow of Bowie lyrics folded into a familiar ribbon-form – our tribute to the Starman.

Cocoon Pavilion