This comprehensive design concept, created by aA and an international design and development consortium, reimagines a site of great strategic importance to the revitalization of a North American industrial waterfront. The consortium’s approach is anchored by the strength inherent in all forms of diversity – social, cultural and aesthetic – and by a commitment to place-making and sustainable community. The team developed a tightly woven network of urban blocks, interlaced with open space, slips and piers that blur the boundary between the Lake and the City. Every building is programmed with retail and public uses that draw people southward across the precinct to the water’s edge.

Every aspect of the project – programming, architecture, urban design – advances diversity in residents, tenants and visitors. Terraced built forms incorporated a range of housing for singles, couples and families eager to improve their quality of life and reduce reliance on cars. The perspective of each design team member is reflected in the stylistic diversity of the built from block to block, infusing the design with the richness and diversity of an established neighbourhood.

Design Competition: Urban Waterfront Redevelopment